About Us

FVSE CIC is a social enterprise that specialises in project and event delivery.

Our training academy connects young people (16 - 40) through our projects and events, helping develop their employability skills needed to secure a job.

We were founded in 2012 to provide innovative practical training methods for young people to get them into sustainable employment.

Press releases

FVSE Training Academy Launches Programmes For Young People

FVSE CIC , a social enterprise based in Stirling who provides practical training opportunities for young people, is delighted to announce that... read more

Press Release • 13.06.2019 • By FVSE CIC

Calling all Forth Valley bands: Competition launched to join the line-up...

Local bands in and around Forth Valley are being offered the opportunity to join the line-up for the 2019 Sruighlea [Sreee-lie] Festival,... read more

Press Release • 30.04.2019 • By FVSE CIC

See the Bigger Picture with Specsavers Stirling

One of Stirling Highland Games long term supporters has just committed to the event for another 5 years. Stirling Highland Games Chieftains... read more

Press Release • 12.04.2019 • By FVSE CIC

Stirling Summer Festival attracts folk icon Dougie MacLean to Sruighlea...

FVSE has evolved its annual Stirling Highland Games over the last 5 years into the now popular Sruighlea, Stirling Summer Festival with this... read more

Press Release • 27.02.2019 • By FVSE CIC

Stirling Summer Festival connects with Ancient Stirling

Sruighlea, Stirling’s Summer Festival is now extending its walking tour activities to include a city centre tour on the Friday evening.... read more

Press Release • 15.02.2019 • By FVSE CIC

2019 start's with a Slam Dunk for Stirling Highland Games

Stirling Highland Games is a traditional Highland games competition held annually on the 3rd Saturday of August at Stirling Sports Village. The... read more

Press Release • 11.01.2019 • By FVSE CIC


You might not have heard or even know about FVSE, a Stirling based social enterprise that seems to have been working in the shadows over the last... read more

Press Release • 14.12.2018 • By FVSE CIC

FVSE Embraces The Challenge Ahead

FVSE have recently launched their next project delivery plan, taking the social enterprise into 2020 and beyond. It concludes a 5-year journey... read more

Press Release • 16.10.2018 • By FVSE CIC

Travel Information for Stirling's Summer Festival

Event organisers of Sruighlea, Stirling's Summer Festival which incorporates Stirling Highland Games are looking forward to welcoming up to 8,000... read more

Press Release • 08.08.2018 • By FVSE CIC


Matt McGrandles, Director at FVSE, announces a major staff investment over the next 3 years that will help grow the social enterprises delivery... read more

Press Release • 05.07.2018 • By FVSE CIC